Flexible Discrete Trial Training

Paradigm is the simple and flexible way to create your lessons and assessments for desktop and mobile

With Paradigm You Can:

  • Conduct training tasks such as "Match-To-Sample" on desktop and mobile devices
  • Easily change stimuli to suit each student
  • Present feedback and reinforcers
  • Save results to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis

A Complete Solution for Discrete Trial Training and Other Assessments

Paradigm gives you the flexibility to adapt your tasks to suit each student or the preferences of the teacher or parent. It can accommodate the needs of individuals ranging from low functioning to early learners to typically developing but young learners. You'll be able to design tasks using a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Paradigm can present feedback, enforcers and points/rewards during your tasks. Paradigm is the only stimulus presentation system that allows you run your assessments on both desktop and mobile devices.

Individualized Stimuli and Reinforcers

Paradigm's Trial Table allows you to easily change your tasks to better suit each student. Using an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface you'll be able to specify stimuli files, trial identifiers, correct responses, rewards and more. Stimuli can be presented in sequential and random order.

Millisecond Accurate Stimulus Presentation on iPhone and iPad

Paradigm for Mobile makes it easy to build millisecond accurate lessons and assessments for iPhone and iPad. Just build your task in Paradigm, upload it to your Dropbox, and link to the Paradigm for Mobile app.
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With Paradigm for Mobile you can:
  • Present simultaneous audio, video, images and text with millisecond accuracy.
  • Collect millisecond accurate touch response reaction times.
  • Conduct large-scale research studies in a classroom or lab using Dropbox. Learn more >

Data Is Automatically Saved to an Excel Spreadsheet For Easy Analysis

Paradigm saves each student's responses, reaction time, response score and presented stimuli for each trial in your task. You can customise the data that is saved using Paradigm's logging features.

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