Student Licensing Discount Policy

Student licenses are fully-featured licenses that are valid for two years and can only be accessed through Paradigm's web licensing system. We restrict the purchase of student licenses to one copy per student. Student licenses must be purchased using a credit card and a valid student ID must be submitted with the order. Research Assistants and Post-Doctoral Researchers are not eligible. We reserve the right to withdraw student licensing or limit technical support if we feel it is being abused. Student discounts are not available for Paradigm Elements products.

We offer the student license as a way for undergraduates and graduate student researchers with little funding to enjoy the benefits of Paradigm while they learn about experiment design and development. We are aware that it is possible for principle investigators and post-docs to take advantage of our good will and buy a license "through their students". If you are considering doing this we ask that you please think twice. Paradigm is a very expensive program to develop and support. Our full licenses are reasonably priced when compared to competing software and we allow you to freely distribute and run your experiments through our Paradigm Player and Paradigm Mobile apps. By abusing the student licensing you are bringing us one step closer to no longer offering it and closing off access to those without your financial means. We ask that you please take this into account when making your decision.

Return Policy

All sales of Paradigm® and Paradigm Elements™ products are final. You are given 14-days to try the software to make sure it fits your needs. The evaluation versions of all of our products are identical to the licensed versions. We strongly recommend you take advantage of the 14-day trial period before purchasing.

Protection of Contact Information

Perception Research Systems Inc. (makers of Paradigm) promises not to sell or make public any personal information (including e-mail addresses) you provide to us. All contact information is stored in our secure database. You are welcome to use a free or anonymous e-mail address. We will only use your e-mail to send you a "Welcome to Paradigm" e-mail message after downloading and send out the occasional announcement. We do not spam our customers.

Protection of Credit Card Information

Credit card transactions are processed by® using their secure transaction infrastructure. All order information is encrypted before being sent. We do not store your credit card information anywhere in our system.


Paradigm is a registered trademark of Perception Research Systems Inc. All other registered trademarks and product names that appear on this web site are the property of their respective owners.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us.