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Paradigm Single License Pricing

Paradigm licenses are available in Standard and Student versions. Both license types allow you to create desktop and mobile experiments. Student licenses are available only to individual students that wish to buy a single license on a credit card. A valid student ID is required. Learn more about Paradigm...>

Paradigm Standard License
$699.99 per copy.
Paradigm Student License
$99.95 for a two-year web license (restrictions apply).

Paradigm Volume Discounts

We offer discounts for purchases of 2, 5 and 10 standard licenses. Orders over 20 licenses qualify for a site license.

Paradigm Standard - 2 License Discount
$1119.99 per order (20% discount).
Paradigm Standard - 5 License Discount
$2449.99 per order (30% discount).
Paradigm Standard - 10 License Discount
$4199.99 per order (40% discount).
Paradigm Site License
Please contact us for more information.

Paradigm Elements Device Integration Pricing

Our Paradigm Elements system integrates experiments built in Paradigm with a wide array of EEG systems, BIOPAC and ASL eye trackers. Paradigm Elements are "add-on" products that extend the functionality of Paradigm.

Note: Paradigm Elements requires that you have purchased (or are purchasing) a Paradigm Standard License. If you purchase a Paradigm Standard License and one or more Paradigm Elements licenses in a single order they will be combined on a single USB license key.

Paradigm Elements for ASL Eye Trackers
Our Paradigm Elements for ASL eye tracker integration gives you all the features of Paradigm and flexible ASL integration. Learn more >
$1799.99 per copy.
Paradigm Elements for EEG and Biopac Integration
Our Elements for Ports integration system lets you send triggers to a wide range of external hardware including: Emotiv, BioSemi, BrainVision, Neuroscan, ANT and Biopac systems. Learn more >
$199.99 per copy.
Paradigm USB to Parallel Port Converter
Our USB to Parallel Port converter allows you send triggers to your EEG or Biopac device using a USB connection. Requires Paradigm Elements for Ports. Learn more >
$299.99 per unit.

How Paradigm Licensing Works

We use USB keys (dongles) for standard licenses and Paradigm Web Licenses for student licenses. Our USB keys do not require a driver or any other additional software and you can attach them to any computer. For each standard license you purchase you will receive one USB key. Paradigm Web licensing requires that your computer have an Internet connection.

Paradigm allows you to run your experiments using Paradigm Player on any computer without a license. Paradigm Player is ideal for distributing your experiment to colleagues or students, you can even make them available on your web site.