Paradigm Player and Dropbox. Here's How It Works...

  1. Create a Dropbox account to use with Paradigm
  2. Paradigm Player's Dropbox integration requires that you give out a Dropbox username and password to your participants. As such, you are probably not going to want to give out your personal Dropbox login so we recommend you create a Dropbox account just to use with Paradigm Player.
  3. Add a Send Results event to your experiment (optional)
  4. Paradigm's Send Results system enables the secure collection of participant data files via e-mail. At the completion of your experiment Paradigm Player will send each data file to the e-mail address you've specified in the "Send Results" event of your experiment. Note: Experiment's that do not contain a Send Results event will upload data files back to Dropbox. Storing subject data on Dropbox may not be permitted by your IRB in which case we offer Send Results as a secure alternative.

  5. Download Paradigm Player
  6. Download Paradigm Player and install it on your computer. Click on the Dropbox icon...
  7. Sign in to your Dropbox account
  8. When prompted by Paradgim Player, log in to Dropbox in your web browser.
  9. Upload your experiments
  10. Upload your experiments to the "Apps/Paradigm Experiments" Dropbox folder that Paradigm Player created for you.
  11. Run your study
  12. To run a study remotely, have your participants download Paradigm Player and connect to your "Paradigm Experiments" folder using the Dropbox login. Once connected, Pardigm Player will list the experiments available in your "Paradigm Experiments" Dropbox folder. Experiments are synced before each run allowing you to update your experiments remotely. Just add the updated experiment to your Dropbox folder and it will automatically be synced across all your instances of Paradigm Player. After the experiment is completed, the participant's results file will be uploaded to the experiment's "Subject Data" folder on your Dropbox or sent to the e-mail address you specified in your experiment's Send Results event.

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