Paradigm Student Web Licensing

Paradigm Student Web Licenses give students access to a fully-featured version of Paradigm for two years. Student Web licensing requires that your Paradigm computer has a web connection. An e-mail address is also required which will serve as your Paradigm ID (you will specify an e-mail address when you purchase your license). Then you will simply log-in to your license account in Paradigm. Here's how:

  1. Download Paradigm if you haven't already. Download now>>
  2. When Paradigm starts you'll see the Demo window shown below. Click on "Log-in >>"
  3. Enter your Paradigm Web License e-mail address when prompted.

Paradigm is now running in licensed mode. You can use your web license on any computer that has Paradigm installed just be sure to log-out of your web license account before logging in on another machine. You can log out of your account by clicking "Log out of Paradigm..." in Paradigm's "Experiment" menu.