Presenting Stimuli and Sending Markers to Emotiv EEG TestBench using Paradigm Element for Ports

  1. Download and install Paradigm Element for Ports
  2. Make sure you have the most recent version of Paradigm Elements for Ports installed. Download now >>
  3. Enable Paradigm to connect to Emotiv TestBench
  4. You will need to create a virtual serial port connection so that Paradigm can send markers to Emotiv TestBench (this assumes Emotiv and Paradigm are running on the same computer). To do that, download "Virtual Serial Port" from Eltima software from here. After installing, click on "Add Pair" in the "Manage Ports" tab (shown above) to create a virtual serial port connection. Note the COM numbers (e.g. COM1 and COM2). You will need these later to specify which COM port Paradigm should use to send markers to Emotiv (COM2) and which serial port Emotiv should use to listen for markers (COM1).
  5. Specify the Emotiv TestBench Serial Marker COM Port
  6. In Emotiv TestBench, click on "Configure Serial Port" in the Marker menu. In the "Serial Port Configuration" dialog (shown below), specify one of the COM ports you noted in Step 2 in the drop down box. Also specify the "Bits Per Second" as 19200.
  7. Setup Paradigm to send markers to Emotiv
  8. Paradigm Elements for Ports includes an Emotiv EEG sample experiment you can use to get started. You can find it in "Port Elements Samples" in the Paradigm Experiments folder. Open the experiment in Paradigm and make sure that the Serial Port's "COM Port" number is the other COM port you noted in Step 2 (i.e. the one not being used by Emotiv). You can access the sample experiment's Serial Port device in Paradigm's Device Manager (shown below). Also note that the "Baud Rate" is the same in both programs. After you specify the Serial Port settings, start the experiment by clicking the "play" button in the Paradigm toolbar. When the experiment completes you should see a list of the markers sent to Emotiv in the "Event Log" window in TestBench.
  9. Build your own experiment using Paradigm Elements for Ports
  10. After you have tested your Emotiv setup you can now build your own experiment using Paradigm Elements for Ports. See our support page for more details. Learn more >

    If you have any questions about using Paradigm with Emotiv TestBench please contact us.