Build Once, Run Anywhere with Paradigm Player

Paradigm Player makes it easy to distribute your experiments in your lab and around the world

Here's how it works:

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*Paradigm Player does not support experiments that include Paradigm Elements commands.

Use Dropbox to Run Experiments Anywhere

Using Paradigm Player's Dropbox integration you can distribute and update your experiments remotely and collect participant data from anywhere. Paradigm Player is the easiest way to conduct remote research studies.
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Player Automatically Finds Your Experiments

Paradigm Player will automatically find all the experiments on your computer's desktop and in your "Paradigm Experiments" folder. Your experiments are always loaded and ready to go.

Flexible Screen Resolutions and Data Logging

Paradigm Player lets you change your experiment's display resolution and data logging options to best suit the computer it's running on. You'll be able to adapt your experiment to run in any lab.

Run Experiments on any Windows Computer

Paradigm Player will automatically detect the operating system of your computer and install the correct Paradigm runtime. You can run your experiment in both 32 and 64-bit environments.