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Paradigm is the better way to conduct your research on desktop and mobile devices

  • Introducing... Paradigm for Mobile
    Millisecond accurate stimulus presentation for iPhone and iPad. Learn more >
  • Paradigm Elements for Ports Now Supports Emotiv EEG
    Drag and drop markers for Emotiv TestBench.
    Learn more >
  • Paradigm for Mobile Now Supports Python Scripting
    Updgrade your Paradigm for Mobile app through the App Store and start using Python script in your mobile experiments today.

Build Any Experiment

Paradigm allows you to create engaging, sophisticated experiments that collect responses from a wide-array of devices.
With Paradigm you can:
  • Present images, text, movies, sounds, rating scales, self-paced reading trials, and feedback with millisecond accuracy.
  • Collect accurate reaction times with a Button Box (Cedrus, PST or fORP), Joystick, Microphone, Keyboard or Mouse simultaneously.
  • Collect open-ended typed responses using the new Text Input event.
  • Use Paradigm's "mouse pointer selection" feature to enable subjects to respond by selecting visual elements with a mouse pointer or touch screen without writing script.

The Paradigm Experiment Builder - It's One of a Kind

The Paradigm experiment builder makes it easy to create your experiments without learning complex user-interfaces or a scripting language. You can add your visual stimuli, responses and external device triggers with just a few mouse clicks all on a single screen. We think it's the easiest experiment builder available but don't take our word for it, watch this short video and see for yourself. Watch now >>

Python Scripting = Total Flexibility

Paradigm provides a fully-featured, integrated Python scripting interface so you'll never have to compromise on your experiment design. You can build most of your experiment using Paradigm's drag and drop designer and just add script if you need it. It's the best of both worlds. Paradigm's Python scripting includes:
  • A fully-featured Python 2.6 scripting engine. You'll have access to all the standard Python features, data structures and external Python libraries from within your experiment. It's the "real" Python scripting language right inside Paradigm.
  • A simple "Script" event that allows you execute Python script at any point during your experiment.

Millisecond Accurate By Default

Paradigm gives you millisecond accurate stimulus presentation and response times on desktop and mobile.
  • Log any aspect of your experiment's timing including event onsets, onset errors and reaction times.
  • You will never have to specify a "pre-release" time, preload stimuli files or worry about graphics card memory. Paradigm optimizes itself based on your computer's graphics and sound hardware maximizing timing accuracy.
  • All visual stimuli are automatically pre-loaded before each experiment run.

Millisecond Accurate Stimulus Presentation on iPhone and iPad

Paradigm for Mobile makes it easy to build millisecond accurate experiments for iPhone and iPad. Just build your experiment in Paradigm, upload it to your Dropbox, and link to the Paradigm for Mobile app.
Learn more >

With Paradigm for Mobile you can:
  • Present simultaneous audio, video, images and text with millisecond accuracy.
  • Collect millisecond accurate touch response reaction times.
  • Conduct large-scale local and remote research studies using Dropbox. Learn more >

Run Your Desktop Experiments Anywhere with Paradigm Player and Dropbox

Paradigm Player is our free experiment presentation desktop app. With Player you can distribute and update your experiments remotely and collect participant data from anywhere. Player also allows you to run experiments locally on any computer just by dragging an experiment folder onto the desktop. It's the perfect solution for conducting large-scale data collection in your lab and around the world. Learn more >

With Paradigm Player you can:
  • Conduct large-scale local and remote research studies using Dropbox. Learn more >
  • Easily distribute experiments without purchasing additional Paradigm licenses.
  • Change experiment display resolution and output formats to best suit the participant's computer without modifying the experiment.


Drag and Drop EEG and Biopac Triggers

Our Paradigm Elements for Ports add-on package lets you send event triggers to a wide-array of devices including: Enobio®, Emotiv®, ANT-ASA, BioSemi®, Neuroscan®, BrainVision® and Biopac® data collection systems. Using simple drag-and-drop commands you'll be able to:
  • Send event and response triggers to any device with millisecond accuracy.
  • Send multiple triggers at different time points during a stimulus such as a movie or sound.
  • Send triggers to multiple devices simultaneously enabling "multi-modal" data collection.
  • Supports Parallel Port, Network Port, Serial Port, Paradigm USB-to-Parallel Converter and MC DIO-24 Port trigger connections.
Learn more >

Drag and Drop ASL Eye Tracker Integration

Our Paradigm Elements for ASL add-on package lets you take full-advantage of all the features of your ASL Eye Tracker:
  • Mark XDAT events and responses in your recorded eye data will millisecond accuracy.
  • Measure gaze durations in multiple AOIs.
  • Wait for gazes of minimum duration.
  • Calibrate subjects from within your experiments.
  • Take screenshots of visual stimuli for use in ASL Results analysis.
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